Filling and capping systems

Dosing systems in function of the product

J. Esquerda, S.A. applies different dosing systems, depending on the product to be filled. For instance using diving nozzles in case of foamy products:

- Volume liquid filling machines: With volume dosing cilindres.
- Flow meters filling machine: Mass flow meters (for any kind of product) or electromagnetic flow meters (for water base products).
- Level control filling machine: Gravity or vacuum system.
- Weight filling machine: Weight or gravimetric system.

For the capping machines we can use different capping systems, for almost any type of cap to be used:

CERRADO NUEVO- Screw caps and/or pressure caps
- Sealing capsules or crimped caps
- Droppers
- Inhalers
- Rubber caps
- Spray caps
- Brushes
- Others

ESQUERDA fillers apply the most appropriate filling technology for each product, according to the needs of the customers. The different dosing systems which can be used to fill the bottles have many advantages, these being considered by our staff for each bottle filling and capping project.

The flow meters for example enable us to fill a wide range of volumes in one same machine: from 1 liter to 25 liters, or from 50 ml to 5 liters. Besides, they offer an optimal cleaning system. On the other hand, the volume filling system, a mechanical system, is easy to maintain. The volume dosing cylinders have a long service life and have also the advantage of continuous-filling cycles.

There are other filling systems adapting perfectly well to a specific product. For instance, the vacuum filling system can be the best solution for perfume filling in a semi-automatic filler.