CERMELT: Intermittent horizontal cartoning machine

An automatic packing solution for any type of product

This intermittent cartoning machine is suitable for the automatic packing of all kind of products in preformed cardboard cases, from food products to cosmetic or pharmaceutical products.

This machine consists in a steel structure, fitted with the different mechanisms for the handling of the product to be packed. All the operations are carried out intermittently, by means of an electric motor with speed shifter.

The CERMELT cartoning machine has many applications, since it is a good solution for packing several types of products, from cosmetic cream tubes to pharmaceutical creams with leaflets. Including canned food.



201F01 encajadora cermelt

Automatic case packing CERMELT machine


201D01 encajado cermelt

Automatic packing of pharmaceutical products

201D02 insercion cermelt

Automatic insertion of the product

201D03 folletos cermelt

Automatic feeding of leaflets