Filling and capping MINIBLOC Machine

Filling and capping machine designed for small bottles

Like the filling and capping BLOC Machine, this machine consists in one module including the dosing and capping units, and it uses a rotary turning plate to guide the bottles along the packaging process.

It can be completely automatic, with the option of automatic feeding of flasks and caps, but it can also be manufactured as a manual machine, in the table-top version.

The Minibloc machine can be fitted with several filling systems, depending on the product. This way we can fill liquid and creams with two filling units in the same machine.

It is an easily, mechanically-operated machine, perfect for the packaging of small bottles. It enables to process bottles with capacity from 1 to 250 ml, also offering the possibility to include an additional filling unit for cosmetic creams, with foil sealing, screw caps, etc.


Crimping machine

MINIBLOC Crimping machine. 

Filling and capping Minibloc machine

MINIBLOC Filling and capping machine with ATEX.

Minibloc filling and capping machine

MNIBLOC-16 filling and capping machine, 

with automatic feeding of bottles and caps.

111F02 minibloc perfumes

MINIBLOC machine for perfumes.

Manual feeding of bottles and caps.

111F01 maquina minibloc

MNIBLOC-16 filling and capping machine.


MINIBLOC filling and capping machine with persitaltic dosing pumps. 



ENVASADO FRASCOS COSMETICADetail of a star-wheel in a MINIBLOC machine,

for filling and capping of small cosmetic flasks. 

111D02 Minibloc desodorantes

Deodorants filling with a MINIBLOC machine

111D03 Minibloc farmacia

MINIBLOC for pharmaceutical products

Crimping machine

MINIBLOC crimping machine