Custom-made projects

Innovation of our packaging machines

We innovate and design packaging equipment according to the technical requirements for each project, which sometimes leads us to manufacture new types of machines for some products which are not easy to process and automate:

      - Filling machine for bottles with inclined neck
      - Caps feeder for sprayers
      - Filling and camping of bottles with an automatic packaging line
      - Special carton erectors
      - Filling and camping microlines to process bottles in pucks

The needs of our customers make us innovate and improve.


301F01 cerradora anillos

Automatic capping machine for rings


Case forming machine


301D01 cerradora aerosoles

Detail of aerosol capping

301D02 cintas minibloc

Feeding conveyors in a MINIBLOC machine

301D03 remachadora

Rivetting machine